Theme ParkGreen World Ecological Farm

The Green World Ecological Farm is located at the Beipu of Hsinchu, and embraces the primeval forest area of 70 hectares, it is the newest and biggest international Ecological farm, its design style aims at the animals and plants natural eco and in coordination with the African tropics straw bungalows, the farm formulates the five major theme parks of “Swan Lake”, “Cactus & Succulent Park”, “Water Plants Park”, “Butterfly Ecological Park” and “Bird Ecological Park”; there is also a total of 37 unique scenic spots, for instance the Macaw Area, Amazon Rainforest Area, Sky Plants Area, Poisonous Plants Area, Exotic Cuisine, Green World Plaza, Landscaping Washrooms, Bamboo Mountain Tea Garden and Hakka Ancient Building etc., the facilities design is throughout and original, and a great place for education and recreation!