Mountain TourNeiwan

Famous for the spur small train, Neiwan embraces the beautiful mountain views like a Shangri-La. It has some exceptional historical sights left over from more prosperous years such as the train station, old suspension bridge, old theatre, and the naturally unique sights like the cherry blossoms, Tung tree flowers, and firebugs etc., moreover the magnificent scenic garden café has the visitors coming to visit constantly, making this place reappear with its old time glory from 50 years ago. The Neiwan old street centers at the train station, within the short hundred meters of the street contains the affluent historical tracks, the famous architectures including the Neiwan Theatre, Catholic Church, and the Guang Ji Temple etc., these are the architectures from hundreds of years ago. The pure local Hakka food and the local specialty shops have become the particular scene of the old street. Jianshih’s valley is high and steep and very rugged, going deep into the NeiShan will lead you to a natural hot spring area and the divine tree area in the original tribe, the view is just like nature itself so gorgeous, likewise join an amazing premium trip! The Jianshih Scenic Area is the advance station of DaBaJian Mountain; its range is very wide, also having the lode sodium bicarbonate hot spring, the so-called beauty bath. The hot spring industry has flourished here for many years.