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About Fleurlis


Fleurlis is located in the heart of the city.The hotel is close to “Big City” mall、HsinchuScience Park、Hsinchu interchange ,and just five minute walk from Hsinchu station.

Transportation Information :

  • Hsinchu Railroad Station to Hotel

The station is located in downtown Hsinchu city. Taxi service is available and takes about 3 minutes to Hotel.

  • High Speed Rail(THSR) Hsinchu Station to Hotel

Arrived in THSR Hsinchu Station,interchangerailroad station Liujia branch line to Hsinchu , and then walk 5 minutes to the hotel

  • National Highway No.1 (Zhong-Shan Highway) to Hotel

From the north:

Get off at Hsinchu interchange, turn left and go straight Guangfu Road.(Do not get on viaduct) Then make a right turn to tunnel, go straight within 1 minute, then you’ll be here.

From the south:

Get off at Hsinchu interchange Gongdao 5th export,go straight onto the land bridge, then turn left Jingguo Rd. And turn left Minquan Rd., then turn right Minzu Rd., then you’ll be here.

  • National Highway No.3 (Zhong-Shan Highway) to Hotel

Get off at 103KM JiaDong Interchange in the Hsinchu direction,

and transit to Jiadong Scenic Boulevard, once there get off it, turn right to Niupu E. Rd. and keep turn right to Niupu Rd.,Turn left totheJingguo Rd., and turn right to Dongda Rd. (Do not get on Dongda viaduct),turn left to Minzu Rd. and go traight 100m,Fleurlis is right here.