Mountain TourBeipu

The Beipu old street which centers at the Cih Tian Temple, is the business center of days gone by in Beipu, the houses on the sides of the street are arched architectures made by red bricks, that still remains the feature characteristics of old architecture style. In among them, the most famous architectures such as the only first rank historic heritage “Chin Kuang Fu” of Hsinchu County, “Tien Shui Tang” the former residence of the reclaimed forerunner Jiang Siou-Luan, and the ancient residence of Jiang A-Sin. From Beipu town further into “NanPu Eco-Village” which preserves quite completely the Hakka rural eco, and the stunning countryside views. Emei Township remains the typical Hakka expression, drive along the pond bank freeway during the early summer period, where you will see the gorgeous views of Tung tree blossoms from time to time! Once there you will find the bike lake-loop path, walk along the lake-loop path furthermore to enjoy the pleasant feeling of biking and chasing the wind! Emei region is famous worldwide for its specially produced Eastern Beauty Tea (Dong Fang Mei Ren Tea). Developed by the local citizens, the Bai Hao Oolong Tea with its bulk buds and small but thick leaves has a mellow and sweet taste after the natural ferment process. The tea exports world wide and it was once favored by the Queen of England, therefore it is called the Eastern Beauty Tea, and the locals also call it Peng Fong Tea.